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Snow Power Week

23.900 SEK

• 4 days of Snowmobile Rental 
(Excl. gasoline)

• Breakfast 
• Dinner included of course.

• Free WLAN 

• Free Parking

• Sauna for 200 SEK possible


Day Rental

3.750 SEK

Price per day and Snowmobile (Excl. gasoline)

Terrain Guiding

4.000 SEK

Our Guides show you the best terrain for your riding capabilities so you see the most of our beautiful Jämtland. We help you with technical training and getting un-stuck when your stuck.

Price per day (up to 4 people)

Gear & Stuff

Price per day rental

Helmet (cleaned & desinfected)

150 SEK

Boots (cleaned & desinfected)

100 SEK

Tobeouterwear Mono Suit

180 SEK

Double Room

One night stay

800 SEK

Two nights stay

1.500 SEK

Three nights stay 

2.100 SEK

Four nights stay

2.900 SEK

Continental Breakfast

can be bought in addition at

180 SEK

per person

Lumberjack Breakfast consisting of Hash browns Bacon and Eggs

145 SEK

per person

Lunchbag usually consisting of a Sandwich, Fruit, Water and Snickers to eliminate that DIVA in all of us when we get stuck

180 SEK

per person


250 SEK

Price per use

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